5 Bordeaux wines to buy from 2014

November 22nd 2016

I’ve just uploaded all my tasting notes from the recent showing of the 2014 vintage from Bordeaux. It might not go down in history as a legendary vintage – unlike 2015, 2010, 2009, 2005 etc – but there are plenty of charming wines from both the Left and the Right Banks that I’d like to have in my cellar – and generally at a significantly lower price point than the 2015 vintage. Admittedly there are plenty of meh wines but in some instances, I favour some estates’ 2014 wines over their 2015s because they are less ostentatious.

If you’re not looking for an investment wine but want a wine that will be superb to drink (yes, wines are for drinking people!) now and in the future, then here are five* wines I’d heartily recommend. If you want to read the fantastic full tasting note, you can click on the links provided.

Château Léoville Barton – if wines can be pretty, then this is it. You can pick up a bottle for about £50 (all prices quote are In Bond – i.e you need to add duty at just over £2 a bottle and VAT)

Château Pichon Baron –  Pure and intense. Around £70 a bottle vs. £101 for the 2015.

Château Figeac – a sexy beast from St-Emilion that’s around £70 a bottle whereas you’re looking at a price tag of around £120 for the 2015.

Château Clinet – an elegant understated beauty from Pomerol that’s priced around the same as the Léoville.

Château La Conseillante – rich and gratifying; I’m starting to develop a bit of a thing for this Pomerol estate, which could break the bank. However like the Figeac you’re looking at 2/3 the price of the 2015 (about 70 quid), which is rather tempting, when I only scored the 2015 one more point – how much is a point worth?

*There were some notable châteaux absent from the tasting, including the five first growths, and my selection has been made from the 116 in attendance. Visit ugcb.net for more information.

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  • Lili Dunford - Reply

    5 December, 2016 at 11:30 am

    My brother is visiting from the UK this Christmas…. so it looks like the Château La Conseillante will be on the gift list!!

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