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When second best is good enough

Pedro the Lion isn’t a lion at all; or a children’s television character.

Pedro the Lion was in fact a ’90s band from Seattle and, in one of its songs, Second Best, a wife reflects on her husband’s affair. She tries to come to terms with the fact that her husband is an adulterer and accept …

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Rocks in the glass

There is a word whose use is causing growing unease among the wine community, and that’s ‘minerality’. Once upon a time the term was the darling of the wine press. Today, it has become an outcast, with some fearing that they will have to issue an apology for using it and abbreviating it to the …

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A new approach to an old problem

While two in three Americans are considered overweight, it’s boom times for Fitbit and CrossFit, kale and quinoa. Even McDonald’s sells salads. Food and drink companies face unprecedented pressure to divulge what’s really in their products, and the calorific content of alcohol – including wine – has inevitably come under the spotlight. The timing of …

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Apero Restaurant Review

In a former tattoo parlour, nestled between a store selling legal highs and a karaoke bar, you can eat sausage by the metre and drink Lagrein by the glass. The recent opening of Apero has given wine lovers a good reason to head to Auckland’s infamous K-Road. French chef Leslie Hottiaux (ex-Baduzzi and The Grove) …

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Bobbleheads and Bordeaux: Life After The Wire

We would all like to leave a legacy. However, the idiosyncractic pronunciation of an expletive probably wasn’t the legacy Isiah Whitlock Jr had in mind when he first said “Sheeeeeeeee-it” on screen in his sonorous voice more than a decade ago.

He first put his spin on the s-word word in Spike Lee movies, but he’s …

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Wine and the Paradox of Choice

Have you ever walked down a supermarket aisle and been overwhelmed by the dozens of breakfast cereals, all claiming to give you the best start to the day, or 50 different shampoos, each promising to enhance your seemingly hopeless follicular condition?

I have.

The wealth of choice we are faced with in today’s consumer culture can …

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Wine is Not Made in the Vineyard

Tell us your unique story instead of the phrases every other producer uses, says Wine-Searcher editor Rebecca Gibb.

This semester, the compulsory paper for all oenology students is “Winemaking Patter”. In order to graduate, all students must learn phrases that they will regale to winery visitors in the future.

The syllabus will cover phrases such as “overdelivering …

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Should Robert Parker Have Listened to Disraeli?

Is the leading wine critic’s latest fusillade a storm in a wine glass or a taste of things to come?

“Never explain, never complain,” said the 19th-century British prime minister Benjamin Disraeli. His words hold true today. Publish an article or wine review and there are readers who won’t necessarily like what you write. The solution …

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Is Yeast the Answer to Lower Alcohol Wines?

There was a time not so long ago when 15 percent alcohol was reserved for fortified wines. A Bordeaux red that reached the 15-percent mark was inconceivable, yet in 2010, La Mission Haut-Brion hit 15.1, with its white wine trailing just behind at 15 percent. And the Graves estate is not alone in breaching previously …

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