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Life After Screaming Eagle

Château Latour’s director told Charles Banks he’d be better off planting asparagus than vines on the spot he’d picked out for his first vineyard venture. But Banks knew that turning a vegetable patch into a vineyard had worked for Henri Jayer: Cros Parantoux, once planted with artichokes, now produces one of the world’s most sought-after …

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10 Things Every Wine Lover Should Know About… Ridge

Rebecca Gibb discovers Monte Bello is the Ridge of contented sighs.

No. 1. Always on a high:

The heart of Ridge Vineyards beats just 15 miles from the Pacific Ocean, in the inhospitable Santa Cruz Mountains. The AVA is said to be the coldest cabernet-sauvignon-producing area in California, thanks to cool maritime winds and vineyards at altitude. …

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Napa's Cathy Corison: Self-Confessed Cabernet "Chauvinist"

If you want glitz and glam in the Napa Valley, you are spoiled for choice: manicured lawns, limousine parking spaces and fancy tasting rooms are standard fare in the region dubbed the Disneyland of wine by jealous rivals. But Cathy Corison’s no bells or whistles approach to life – and winemaking – provides a blast …

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Terroir Al Limit: An Unlikely Blend

Imagine you’re the son of a Bavarian butcher. You study marketing and economics at university, don’t have any winemaking qualifications and can’t speak Spanish. Why on earth would you think it was a good idea to start a winery in a remote village in Catalonia’s Priorat?

Some would call it brave, others would call …

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Minerality: Fact or Fiction?

Is minerality a figment of wine-tasters’ imaginations? The M-word is much used by wine critics but is little understood. Ask three wine writers what they mean by minerality and you’ll get three different answers – or they’ll say that it is something they can’t put into words!

But despite this lack of consensus about the term …

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Solving the Minty Mystery in Australia

A distinctive eucalypt smell makes Australian reds easy to spot in a blind tasting. But how does it get into the wines?

Would you like some mint in your cabernet? Or perhaps a dash of eucalypt in your shiraz? If so, you’ll need a vineyard near eucalyptus trees and Australia has plenty of those on offer, …

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Malbec’s Journey from Cahors to California

Malbec’s Journey From Cahors to California,Malbec is proving an interesting – albeit unpredictable – addition to the state’s vineyards.

In the same year that Bill Clinton became president of the United States, malbec finally appeared as a grape variety in its own right in Napa County.

Until 1993, it was included in the “other blacks” category in …

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The Lowdown on Skinnygirl

As Skinnygirl wine gears up for a major ad campaign in the US, Rebecca Gibb offers some context.

The year is 1981. Californian wine producer Paul Masson releases Masson Light; Taylor California Cellars launch Light Chablis; and Beringer’s new low-alcohol Chablis hits the shelves. An article in “New York” magazine covers the growing trend towards wines aimed …

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