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The wines of Lanzarote require Ironman effort

The first-ever wine press event I attended was a Canary Islands tasting. I was on a two-week work experience stint and was pea green. The editor of Harpers thought he’d sent me to a Spanish tasting – well I suppose it was; I turn up and there’s a load of winemakers from Tenerife and Lanzarote. …

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The Bollinger Diaries: Part I


There was a knock on the door. A dark silhouette filled its frame.

“Hello, love, you Rebecca Gibb?” Well, I am.

“Got a delivery for you: 49 bottles of Bollinger?” If only this could happen every Tuesday morning.

So in came the boxes. It turns out that if you’re a mega swot and become a Master …

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10 things I learned in New Zealand

Six years, one month and 13 days after landing in New Zealand, I said goodbye to the wonderful warmth of Auckland in January; afternoons spent on the beach digging sandcastles swapped for muddy puddles and early morning windscreen scraping in North Yorkshire.

My Kiwi husband is delighted.

We’ve moved back to be closer to my family …

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Wines of the year 2015: 5 Sauvignons to get your mitts on

With 2015 drawing to a close, it’s time to reflect on a year’s drinking.

Thankfully, I’ve enjoyed a lot of bloody good wine this year thanks to three cracking vintages on the trot: the growing conditions in 2013, 2014 and 2015 made it much easier to make good – and great – wine in New Zealand; …

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Fine tuning the red section

The evolution of Craggy Range’s Le Sol Syrah is a microcosm of the progress of fine red wines in New Zealand in recent years.

Time has brought a greater understanding of the vineyards, which have themselves matured, as well as a realisation within the winemaking community that less is more when it comes to tannins and …

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Why do winemakers kick their vines?

craggy winery

If you see Matt Stafford, Craggy Range’s chief winemaker giving his vines a damn good kick in the run-up to harvest, is he:
a) mad that the local air force has done a practice ‘drop’ and taken out part of the vineyard;
b) lamenting the Black Caps’ latest loss (McCullum had an off day);
c) checking for slipskin?

All …

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