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The Wines of New Zealand

2017 has been incredibly busy writing magazine articles, working on my new business The Drinks Project and a soon-to-be-announced wine puzzle company that I will unwrap in 2018.

I’m also writing a book – nothing like taking on too much! Over the course of the next four months, I’ll be researching and writing a book for recently …

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Champagne (and Moscato) for 13 new Masters of Wine

A year ago, I received the phone call saying: ‘you’ve passed your Research Paper and I’m delighted to welcome you to the Institute of Masters of Wine’ or something like that. It was lost in a blur of wet eyes, fist pumping and hysterical laughing.

Today, 13 new Masters of Wine in eight different countries …

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Fine tuning the red section

The evolution of Craggy Range’s Le Sol Syrah is a microcosm of the progress of fine red wines in New Zealand in recent years.

Time has brought a greater understanding of the vineyards, which have themselves matured, as well as a realisation within the winemaking community that less is more when it comes to tannins and …

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Variety is not the spice of life at Air New Zealand

Angry New Zealand vintners dumped tens of tonnes of rotting grapes at the entrance of Air New Zealand’s Auckland headquarters today* after the national carrier announced it would be serving just one supplier’s wine on its flights, leaving nearly 700 other wineries wondering what the hell they’d done wrong.

While the airline champions its “ …

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