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Syrah Still The Bridesmaid

When Stone’s Ginger Wine sits in the New Zealand Syrah section of the supermarket, there is something sadly amiss.

No matter how much the local and international wine media extol the grape’s Rhone-like wines, the variety sells like lukewarm cakes. The selection of Kiwi Syrah occupies a lonely corner of the wine section next to …

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Why Dry July is a Wet Weekend

31 days without booze? Sounds like an easy way to get fired if you work in the drinks industry.

But many people are participating in “Dry July” across Australia and New Zealand, meaning that you give up alcohol for the month and you ask people to give you money for doing it, in a bid …

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My first 2014 Kiwi Sauvignon Blanc

Wine has become New Zealand’s eighth largest export earner, growing in value by NZ$1 billion over the past 10 years and volumes are expected to rise 30 million litres to 220m litres next year, according to a report from the country’s Ministry for Primary Industries.

You won’t be surprised to hear that Sauvignon Blanc dominates exports …

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When Cocaine Met Wine

Between reading “What to Expect When You’re Expecting”, and flicking through baby name books, I’m halfway through Dominic Streatfeild’s “Cocaine: A Definitive Guide”. I appreciate it’s an unlikely reading list.

Cocaine is an excellent social history of the product, in the same ilk as Mark Kurlansky’s “Salt” and Ian Williams’s “Rum”. Now, you might wonder where …

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Blending wine with pregnancy

Wine and urine – not a popular blend today. But in the Middle Ages, the two were often mixed to find out whether a woman was pregnant. It is said the colour change was the key to discovering if you were with child.

However, wine and pregnancy are viewed as less compatible today. Now 33 weeks …

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I Say Te Mata, You Say Tomato

I attended a tomato tasting last week. Or, so my colleague thought. It seems that my pronunciation of Hawke’s Bay winery Te Mata and tomato are very similar. Or, that could be my north-east accent getting lost in translation in a foreign land.

Heirlooms and pomodoros weren’t on the menu; Te Mata’s 2013 Estate range and …

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Giving Consumers Blending Control

Auckland’s CBD played host to a pop-up winemaking experience in recent weeks. Blend was a Jacob’s Creek-inspired event, inviting the public to blend their own white or red, and take it home.

1,600 people assembled their own wines before it packed up and headed to Sydney. If it’s deemed a success, other cities will get an …

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