Future Zine: Bordeaux en primeur report 2016

April 19th 2017

You’ll find a succinct report on Bordeaux 2016 en primeur with wine reviews, dinosaurs and the inside line on the latest vintage to emerge from the region. You’ll find the first 10 pages of the report here. If you wish to view or download the report in full, it is available for free through Google Docs





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  • Ollie - Reply

    25 April, 2017 at 9:51 pm

    Dear Rebecca,

    thanks for providing your report for free, I really enjoyed your fresh style!

    However, I’m a bit confused by your scores. For instance, you give Ausone a 89 and Léoville-Poyferré a 90, yet Capbern and La Tour de By get both a 91, one (one!) point less than Château Margaux. Hmmmm.

    I don’t mind the absolute values (cf. p.8 of your report), but it’s the relative differences among the wines that make me wonder how you came to these conclusions. Did I get something wrong, or did I misunderstand your approach here?

    Thanks for commenting & Cheers,

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