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Syrah the pick of Gimblett Gravels in 2014 vintage

The Gimblett Gravels might not be the most dramatic stretch of vineyard but looks aren’t everything: on this former river bed, the seemingly poor, stony land didn’t seem fit to grow anything. Occupied by a quarrying firm, a dragstrip and a rifle range, the Gimblett Road welcomed its first wine grower in 1981 who thought …

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Why do winemakers kick their vines?

craggy winery

If you see Matt Stafford, Craggy Range’s chief winemaker giving his vines a damn good kick in the run-up to harvest, is he:
a) mad that the local air force has done a practice ‘drop’ and taken out part of the vineyard;
b) lamenting the Black Caps’ latest loss (McCullum had an off day);
c) checking for slipskin?

All …

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