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Champagne (and Moscato) for 13 new Masters of Wine

A year ago, I received the phone call saying: ‘you’ve passed your Research Paper and I’m delighted to welcome you to the Institute of Masters of Wine’ or something like that. It was lost in a blur of wet eyes, fist pumping and hysterical laughing.

Today, 13 new Masters of Wine in eight different countries …

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The Bollinger Diaries: Part I


There was a knock on the door. A dark silhouette filled its frame.

“Hello, love, you Rebecca Gibb?” Well, I am.

“Got a delivery for you: 49 bottles of Bollinger?” If only this could happen every Tuesday morning.

So in came the boxes. It turns out that if you’re a mega swot and become a Master …

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Becoming a Master of Wine

In week one, as a keen first-year student, I was told the Master of Wine course was the ‘Everest’ of wine. Having been to Everest Base Camp two years earlier, I thought, yes, shouldn’t be too bad. I should’ve realised they meant the top of Everest – 3000 meters higher, without oxygen. And the course …

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