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Rocks in the glass

There is a word whose use is causing growing unease among the wine community, and that’s ‘minerality’. Once upon a time the term was the darling of the wine press. Today, it has become an outcast, with some fearing that they will have to issue an apology for using it and abbreviating it to the …

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Syrah the pick of Gimblett Gravels in 2014 vintage

The Gimblett Gravels might not be the most dramatic stretch of vineyard but looks aren’t everything: on this former river bed, the seemingly poor, stony land didn’t seem fit to grow anything. Occupied by a quarrying firm, a dragstrip and a rifle range, the Gimblett Road welcomed its first wine grower in 1981 who thought …

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The kingdom of Vinterfell

In the cold northern reaches of England, there is a town that many have travelled through on the east coast mainline but never visited. But as the leaves fall in the autumn of 2016, it is here that the seat of the vinous north has been established: Welcome to Vinterfell.

Having moved to Darlington recently, I have discovered …

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