The Bollinger diaries: part 2

May 27th 2016

The Bollinger diaries continue with 4 bottles downed.

Bottles 2 & 3
Kiran Hungin is one of my long-suffering friends. She’s put up with me since we went to primary school and knows me all too well. Her mum and my dad once wrote the school play based on Sleeping Beauty with characters including Fairy Nuff and Fairy Liquid. Needless to say, it was their first and last work of theatre.

Kiran’s stage career has been a little more long-lived. She’s a singer, songwriter and plays the part of June in Cash, a Johnny Cash tribute band. Very good she is too.

Now living in London, she’s getting married this summer so two bottles of Bollinger rosé were opened to celebrate at her hen do. Now, Kiran didn’t want any trashbag hen action so no willy straws, no tiaras nor sashes. Damn you, Kiran! She did allow us to have some masks though (she is pictured left).

Congratulations Kiran, we’ll see you and Buzz on August 6 for a Hungin knees up, which will mean plenty of booze, good music and hopefully her mum’s famous lemon dessert.

Bottles 4 & 5pic 4
Happy 65th birthday to my father, who still hasn’t grown up. He still enjoys a bouncy castle (see photo) and playing footie with his grandsons.

My dad retired from the NHS 10 years ago so 65 hasn’t brought much of a change other than a state pension and a bus pass. In the past decade, he’s taken up rowing, painting, bridge and travelled to far-flung places. He also has had a few race horses in that time but too few winners, I’m afraid to report.

I love my dad’s attitude to life. He doesn’t take things too seriously and always has time for his family. Thanks for being a superstar, dad (and for agreeing to go on the bouncy castle with the NV Bolly).

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