Why Dry July is a Wet Weekend

July 2nd 2014

31 days without booze? Sounds like an easy way to get fired if you work in the drinks industry.

But many people are participating in “Dry July” across Australia and New Zealand, meaning that you give up alcohol for the month and you ask people to give you money for doing it, in a bid to raise money for cancer charities.

Here’s 5 reasons why Dry July gets me fired up:

1. If you think that not drinking alcohol for 31 days is worthy of sponsorship, you really need to take a good look at your drinking habits;

2. If you abstain from drinking alcohol when you normally enjoy a couple of glasses of wine every night/week, this means you will save money so why don’t you donate the money that you save on booze to charity, instead of asking people to sponsor you?

3. If you want to raise money for cancer, set up a direct debit with your bank with one of the many worthy charities that fundraise, run a cake stall, or run a marathon. I will buy a cake off you;

4. There are thousands of people that rely on the beer, wine and spirits industry to pay their mortgage (including yours truly) so it’s no wonder the drinks industry is a little peeved: going dry in July is equivalent to giving up dairy in August – we could call it “The Cheese Freeze” or no lamb in September – the “Embaaaargo”. I can’t imagine Kiwi farmers would be over the moon if the domestic market decided it was abstaining from eating its products for charity;

5. Alcohol in moderation – particularly red wine – may have health benefits from heart disease to Alzheimers.

Instead of abstaining, take Marlborough winemaker Anna Flowerday’s advice: drink dry wines only!

*Thanks to Jacqui Clarke of Auckland-based Tickety Boo Liquor for inspiring me to write this column.

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